Three assists: ozil silences critics

Three assists: ozil silences critics

The spanish press celebrated his "brilliant" play, which played a major role in the spanish record champion’s 5:1 victory. Ozil’s assist from a chipping trick, which the frenchman karim benzema scored in the 19th minute. The goalkeeper, who scored the opening goal in the first minute, was unanimously praised as brilliant. "A true product of its class," raved "el pais". For the madrid newspaper it was "the most remarkable detail" of the whole game. Benzema’s goal after ozil’s assist was the "crowning glory of the game’s finest move".

Ozil did the groundwork for two other real goals: the ex-bremer kicked the corner ball that defender sergio ramos had taken in the 34th minute. Minute header to make it 2:1. Ozil, who was 67. The player, who was substituted for kaka in the 50th minute, gave up his place in the match. In the second minute, he also set up the assist with which the outstanding benzema scored his second goal. The argentinean gonzalo higuain (47.) and the altogether unfortunate playing portuguese goal king cristiano ronaldo (89.) contributed the remaining goals to the table-topping team’s quiet victory.

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