It still doesn’t look like a real tractor of the historic eicher brand, type tiger 2, but soon it will be the center of interest. On the first sunday of september there will be the eighth edition of the cult "eicher-meeting in affalterthal.

One of the highlights of the festival is the raffle of an old oak, this year a tiger, which until recently stood in wannbach. These bulldogs were built from 1968 to 1971. There are only 900 pieces of it.

The proceeds of the raffle will go to the parents’ initiative for children with cancer in erlangen, which supports members of the initiative during the treatment of their children, for example with an apartment.

Three assists: ozil silences critics

The spanish press celebrated his "brilliant" play, which played a major role in the spanish record champion’s 5:1 victory. Ozil’s assist from a chipping trick, which the frenchman karim benzema scored in the 19th minute. The goalkeeper, who scored the opening goal in the first minute, was unanimously praised as brilliant. "A true product of its class," raved "el pais". For the madrid newspaper it was "the most remarkable detail" of the whole game. Benzema’s goal after ozil’s assist was the "crowning glory of the game’s finest move".

Ozil did the groundwork for two other real goals: the ex-bremer kicked the corner ball that defender sergio ramos had taken in the 34th minute. Minute header to make it 2:1. Ozil, who was 67. The player, who was substituted for kaka in the 50th minute, gave up his place in the match. In the second minute, he also set up the assist with which the outstanding benzema scored his second goal. The argentinean gonzalo higuain (47.) and the altogether unfortunate playing portuguese goal king cristiano ronaldo (89.) contributed the remaining goals to the table-topping team’s quiet victory.

Martin schweiger a 41-year-old man from the habberge district shamelessly exploited his position of trust as deputy manager of a supermarket in august last year: on 9. August 2018 he stole about 18.50 watch from the safe, for which he ordered a key, 320 euros. Unfortunately for him, he was filmed by a video camera that the store manager had installed unnoticed after there had been repeated discrepancies in the amount of cash on hand.

On wednesday, the thief had to answer to the district court in habfurt, where he described the crime as a "blodheit" he said that he had regretted early on. He had returned the money the next day. Nevertheless, the store manager did not withdraw the complaint.

Since the 2. In may 2018, the defendant was employed as a deputy manager, the store manager reported as a witness before the court. Since then, there have always been "differences in the safe" which is why he had a video camera installed. Finally, he wanted to know what had happened to the money. On the video recording, he had finally been able to identify the thief without a doubt as his deputy and had given him notice of termination the day after the crime.

Standige schwarzfahrten: intransigence leads to jail

It was one ride too many. A trip to prison. On that evening in march of this year, the 59-year-old woman was not surprised that she was already under double arrest for driving drunk and black over and over again. A police patrol caught the woman driving home on a moped with 1.1 blood alcohol level. An act that now finally brings the barrel to overflowing: the businesswoman now has to spend six months behind bars.

The verdict by criminal court judge and district court director helga muller is something like the final point of an ominous development that began a good four years ago. At that time, the life of the defendant took a fateful turn. She is the victim of a traffic accident. The health problems afterwards are enormous, the degree of the heavy handicap is with 70 per cent.

Under double jeopardy

In the same year her marriage is divorced. At the same time, alcohol becomes a dominant theme. The 59-year-old was caught driving drunk for the first time in summer 2017. She has to give up her driving license for some time – but still keeps on driving. She is caught again, has alcohol in her blood again – it is the beginning of a fatal cycle.

breakdown start in giant slalom: rebensburg now focuses on speed

Viktoria rebensburg must put aside the unsatisfactory start to the season in giant slalom. Fourth place in solden a month ago and now the end of the season in killington on saturday, despite the best chances for a podium place in each case, do not fit the season’s goal of giant slalom ball.

The failure in the u.S. Was the first in their favorite discipline in almost four years. But there are still six races to go in this discipline – and rebensburg has other plans for the world championship winter. In addition pay a medal in the title competitions and success in the speed disciplines: "I also did not like to let the super-G fall behind. There was an "aha" effect last year. Even if the results weren’t that good," the 29-year-old skier already said in the summer.

After the departure from the US state of vermont, on the way to the canadian rocky mountains in lake louise, rebensburg has to get physically and mentally ready for the long skis again. And not to be rattled by the results at the start of the season ahead of the two upcoming downhills and super g. "Basically, you just have to make sure you get it down well next time," head coach jurgen graller told the german press agency. "The gross mistake would be to dramatize something now."

"I can't imagine the johanniter without karl frischmann," is how andreas dennert, former long-serving head of the johanniter rescue service in upper franconia, sums up the mood on karl frischmann's farewell. After 47 years of full-time work in the rescue service, during which he played a decisive role in shaping the upper franconian association, the 65-year-old schlusselfelder is retiring.

Even on his last day at work, he didn't miss the chance to work his shift in the ambulance according to schedule – only briefly interrupted for a little farewell party: "we would like to thank you for this great commitment! Without such employees, the association would not be what it is today," says uwe kinstle, member of the regional board of the johanniter in upper franconia.

As early as 1972, frischmann joined the johanniter-unfall-hilfe burghaslach as a volunteer paramedic. At that time, around 30 members were involved in training the population in first aid and providing an emergency ambulance service that was ready for action. In 1974, the trained rescue assistant then moved to the main office. This was already obvious from a spatial point of view: the 65-year-old lived in burghaslach right next door to the fire department, which housed the johanniter emergency medical services. The first ambulance with the johanniter cross had already been put into service there in 1969.

learning at the pc instead of at the school desk

After the corona-related school closure, educational institutions throughout germany had to move classes home. At the vocational school center in kronach, the staff very quickly succeeded in creating a new everyday teaching routine by means of a comprehensive digital learning program.

"Our teachers have done a great job in the past weeks", rudi schirmer, head of the vocational school, and ursula lieb, a member of the school’s administrative staff. Already on the weekend after the school closing, teachers came together to find solutions for the continuation of the lessons through home-learning.

In order to quickly and securely manage the transition to distance learning and the establishment of a digital learning platform, schools can use microsoft’s office 365. At the lorenz-kaim school, this was already introduced in february 2019, so that they were prepared for such a crisis situation. IT system administrator stefan konig quickly succeeded in setting up the necessary communication structures and making teaching materials available to the schoolchildren. All classes received a link or QR code to a password-protected area where they can access the folders they have been given access to.

The last meeting of 2018 of the municipal council on thursday in the town hall was dominated by the honoring of deserving burghers. Untersiemau now has two new holders of the silver medal of honor – konrad reibmann and paul kratochwil. In addition, thomas burger and edeltraud obermuller received the bronze medal of honor of the municipality. In addition, deserving community servicemen were honored. Frank weber received high praise from mayor rolf rosenbauer (CSU) for his ten years of service as second mayor and chairman of the sports and culture committee.

"A gentleman of the old school, so rosenbauer, was awarded the medal of honor in silver. For konrad reibmann, it goes without saying that he would use his commitment for the benefit of others. The rough horse of the organizational talent was athletics. For many decades, konrad reibmann had been in charge of the local championships and the taking of the german sports badge. In addition, he had volunteered tirelessly for TSV scherneck as a department and training manager. Reibmann is a welcome guest at countless sporting events and a competent interlocutor, he says. Rolf rosenbauer said to the honored: "a club needs role models like you, our society needs you." And further: role models like konrad reibmann are a poster child for the community.

22 years in the town council

About the next recipient of the silver medal of honor, paul kratochwil, rosenbauer said he often offers his helping hand to others. On the other hand, in earlier years, paul had been a gifted but hard-nosed field hockey player in habfurt. Later he played soccer in obersiemau. He enjoys the trust of his fellow men, rosenbauer outlines him. This had helped him in the municipal elections. He has been an honorary member of this committee for 22 years. His contributions are always factual, based on general knowledge and common sense. Rosenbauer: "he just said something when there was something to say!" As chairman of the fire department of birkach am forst he had helped to shape village life. Born in czechoslovakia, he has always been interested in the understanding between nations. Today, kratochwil uses his commitment in the community’s work with seniors or supports the implementation of the legendary hiking trails. Paul kratochwil already received the municipal medal of merit in 2012 and the coarse pewter plate of the municipality in 2014.

local elections in wartmannsroth: betz runs as a lateral thinker

Manuel betz (39) surprised even his wife katharina (36) with the idea of running for mayor: "i can't always just get upset that nothing is changing.", he explains the decision, and: "i don't want to watch how life in the village is becoming more and more anonymous." He has never run for a local political office before, but now he wants to get it right: manuel betz is one of the three mayoral candidates in the municipality of wartmannsroth.

The 39-year-old was nominated by the electoral association volkersleier-heckmuhle, i.E. The list of the previous incumbent jurgen karle. "But that's a coincidence", reports betz. The special feature: manuel betz is not on the group's list of candidates for the town council. "There were many inquiries", he refers to speech with burgers. His answer: "I hope for the opportunity to do what I like to do." And his wife katharina weber-betz is also on the list. Manuel betz is pleased that women are at the top of all the lists and wishes his wife that she can also contribute her views as a social pedagogue.

"I hope for as diverse a municipal council as possible", the mayor comments on the municipal elections. He sees the fact that, in addition to mayor jurgen karle, twelve of the 14 municipal council members are no longer running as an opportunity for a fresh start. And that is also necessary: "the support for the community is getting smaller and smaller", is his criticism, and: "many citizens don't feel understood." His opposing view is: "i want to communicate with people at eye level." That's exactly how he organizes his election events: informal gatherings at bar tables, no lectures, but dialogue. This is also well received. In his view, communication with the burghers is far too often by letter or other means, and as mayor he would prefer to introduce more office hours and an open administration.

"A cool place in warm weather", this is how the forderverein describes the open-air swimming pool in grafenberg. The fact that the number of visitors reached new dimensions this year was not only due to the weather. It is also thanks to the commitment of the forderverein that the pool was able to be reopened at all after the big bang in 2016. This, too, will be remembered at the weekend during the 80th anniversary of the grafenberg open-air pool. Because that, too, is part of the history of the open-air swimming pool, which began in 1937. It did not emerge from a pool of loo water, but was built as an open-air pool from the very beginning. It has 50 meter long lanes.

With sloping walls

The pool was built with sloping walls, as was customary at the time, in order to produce less excavated earth and save concrete. Where the parking lots are now, there was a pond in which the water was temporarily stored. It existed until the 60s. Then came the first hygiene regulations and the intermediate pond was abandoned. The construction of the open-air swimming pool, in which the people of grafenberg themselves lent a hand, began in the summer of 1937. Only one year later the open-air swimming pool was finished. The cost: 30,000 reichsmarks, as gerhard gundelfinger recorded in his local chronicle. And also the little story about the bath can be read there. For even though most of the people of grafenberg went to the open-air pool, they stayed in the non-swimmer’s pool. This was visually separated from the swimming pool by a wooden beam.

Hardly anyone knew how to swim

Hardly anyone could swim, there was simply no opportunity to learn how to swim before the open-air pool was built. The quickest to learn this were the youngsters, who soon ventured into the swimming pool to the amazement of the older generation. The admiration of the bathers was secured by the one who dared to take a header from the iron diving tower. The diving tower of yesteryear no longer exists. But memories of those early years. "As children, we went to the outdoor pool every day." This statement can be heard from almost every citizen in grafenberg who is now 70 or 80 years old. For many people in grafenberg, this remained the case until 2016, when, despite annual warnings from the public health department, it went bust. The open-air swimming pool was closed.

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