1. Fc nurnberg goes into the winter break without a win

Womoglich already on sunday the club wants to decide about the remaining of coach jens keller, who was not on the bench for the hinrundeabschluss: the 43-year-old had to stay in the hotel room because of a hard-naked stomach flu and was represented by assistant peter herrmann.

The game in nurnberg was seen as the fateful match for keller, who had long been the subject of criticism. But without the ailing kevin-prince boateng, keller’s proteges lack verve, penetrating power and commitment for a long time. In the fight for their first win of the season, the FCN really struggled against the guests, but missed numerous chances and the victory.

Already the first quarter of an hour belonged alone to the nurnbergers. The strong hiroshi kiyotake was convincing as a playmaker, but not as an enforcer. After three minutes, the japanese failed to clear schalke’s goalkeeper ralf fahrmann, and shortly afterwards, kiyotake dribbled from the right corner of the penalty area and shot just wide of the goal (23).). Daniel ginczek (10.) awarded immediately in the initial phase.

At 75 years, one is experienced, has experienced a lot. For most people, this is the last stage of the journey through life. The bavarian farmers’ association celebrates this special birthday this year. The decision-makers did not give a thought to the possibility of his death.

On 7. September 1945 the association was founded in munich, shortly after the end of the second world war. In view of the trummerfeld, the food of the population should be ensured. This is what the preamble says. 22 farmers from all over bavaria founded the association, they wanted to speak with one voice in the future – voluntarily and independently. The principles were disseminated via radio and posters in the villages – and were well received. Within half a year, 100.000 members enrolled, the number doubled in the course of the following year. "The founding fathers succeeded in creating a work of art," says district chairman alois kraus with admiration 75 years later.

"The founding fathers succeeded in creating a piece of art." Alois kraus, district chairman

Wayside shrine in reiterswiesen to be renovated in stone

On 15. June 1619 jorg borst was killed by "the fall of a tree". Today we know so much about the accident of the reiterswiesener, because his descendants relatively quickly to his memory a "marterl", that is, a wayside shrine, which still stands today on the kissinger strabe that runs through reiterswiesen. Although its location has been adapted to the course of the road over the years, it has actually always stood, and this for almost 400 years now, on the driveway to the castle ruins of botenlauben.

But also stones come to an age, in which nature can harm them more than a "young stone". Especially the red, french colored sandstone from the local area is very "weather-beaten", it should be lifted, it cracks easily. And when water penetrates and a cold winter comes along, whole parts of the stone can easily chip off.

No longer state of the art
About 20 years ago, the stone had already been prescribed a health cure, was treated with acrylic, and yet now shows coarser cracks again. A procedure that, according to stone restorer petro schiller, is no longer used today, not least because the chemicals used are not without danger. "In the winter" is the spontaneous advice of the stonemason and restorer who runs a studio in konigsberg in bavaria. And schiller must know, in the meantime he has restored almost a dozen similar sculptures from the same period.

energy agency: carbon dioxide emissions at record high in 2012

This was announced by the international energy agency (IEA) in london on monday. "We are losing sight of our goal of global warming of no more than two degrees celsius," said IEA chief economist fatih birol.

If there is no rethinking, the world is heading for a warming of about four degrees celsius by 2100, or even up to 5.3 percent in the worst case scenario. "It’s not like you can just take your jacket off and then it’s pleasant again," birol said, alluding to the consequences.

There are encouraging signs from china and the USA, he said. In the united states, a decisive shift from coal to gas-fired power generation has brought emissions down to mid-1990s levels, he said.

Fdp demands clarity about withdrawal from afghanistan

If afghan president hamid karzai reiterates the demand that the international community withdraw as early as 2013, "he will deprive the isaf mission of an essential part of its legitimacy," hoff told the "focus" newspaper. "The nato allies are not occupiers and are in the country precisely at the request of the afghan government," she added. Otherwise the mission is pointless.

The defense politician does not see a withdrawal race among the countries involved in the afghanistan mission, according to her own words. "We all depend on each other – even when it comes to pulling the trigger," said hoff. The u.S. Does not abandon its partners: "there is still the assurance that the americans will help us with our biggest problem: the rescue of wounded with the necessary helicopters."

Karzai’s advance and his talks with the taliban are seen by hoff as an indication that he intends to stay in power beyond 2014 – even though afghanistan’s constitution forbids it. "Once the international community is gone, the constitution will be up for debate again," she said.

Women's power at the tennis department of TSV melkendorf. After the 1. After the women's team had become sovereign champion, the "second" team not to be outdone. In their league, the kreisklasse 1, only four teams played, so the round was played with back and forth matches. The young melkendorf girls started the season with an 8:1 home victory over TC lichtenfels. The second game was played at the favorite TSV coburg-scheuerfeld. Here the melkendorf girls won with 6:3. At the spvgg froschgrund they won with the same result. Melkendorf's "second" team wins a rematch against froschgrund clearly with 8:1. The 9:0 victory at TC lichtenfels was even clearer.
The championship had to be decided at home against TSV coburgscheuerfeld. The guests made up for their defeat in the previous round with a narrow 5:4 win, but the melkendorf girls were able to open the championship champagne. They had the same points as the scheuerfeld team but had a much better match point ratio.
In the next season, the district class 2 awaits the young TSV team. 

Rapes: drastic increase in the first half of 2017 in bavaria

A total of 685 cases appear in the police statistics, an increase of 48 percent. Particularly striking: the number of crimes attributed to immigrants rose by as much as 91 percent to 126, interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU) told the cabinet on tuesday. As a result, the total share of immigrants in all sexual offenses was 18 percent (2016: 14 percent).

The reasons for the increase in the total number are initially unclear. "Our police experts are currently working on a detailed analysis", said herrmann. In any case, sexual crimes should be combated in a more targeted manner, also in the asylum shelters. "In addition to an increased police presence, this also includes targeted preventive measures." Herrmann also called for dna samples to be taken in addition to fingerprints when registering refugees.

Apart from rapes, the number of criminal offences has fallen across bavaria. Adjusted for foreign law violations – mainly illegal border crossings by refugees – the statistics show that 282,000 crimes were committed – almost 20,500 fewer than in the same period of the previous year. The number of residential burglaries fell by almost 14 percent and the number of thefts by almost 11 percent.

More and more lonely people at risk of poverty

More and more people in germany live alone – and significantly more single people than before are at risk of poverty. Single people and single parents are also particularly often over-indebted.

At the same time, loneliness as a social problem is increasingly coming into focus: because, according to studies, lonely people have a higher risk of becoming ill and dying earlier.

Almost one in three single people in germany is at risk of poverty. According to the latest figures from the european statistical office eurostat, this was 32.9 percent of single people in 2016. Ten years earlier, only 21.5 percent of all single people were at risk of poverty. Since 2011, the proportion of those at risk of poverty has been over 30 percent. The risk-of-poverty threshold in germany in 2016 was 1063.75 euros per month, equivalent to 60 percent of the median income. The left drew attention to the latest eurostat figures in the bundestag.

Member of the state parliament steffen vogel (CSU) from theres points out demand means, which flee to the district habberge. The money comes from two pots. On the one hand, four municipalities benefit, and on the other hand, the associations in the district receive support.

The bavarian urban development program 2020 is set up. This year, some 191 million euros are available for 406 cities and municipalities. "We have stabilized state funding for urban development at a high level", is pleased steffen vogel. The funds from the bavarian urban development program benefit smaller towns and communities in rural areas in particular. "It is intended, for example, to help municipalities focus on internal development and use vacant properties to keep their town centers attractive and livable." Clarifies vogel.

In the district of habberge, the town of zeil benefits from urban redevelopment measures and individual projects with a demand sum of 1148,000 euros. For the demand initiative "indoors instead of outdoors the municipality of aidhausen is receiving 776,000 euros for a project in happertshausen, as well as the municipality of bundorf (town center project) 990,000 euros and the town of hofheim (old town project) 160,000 euros.

In russia, as almost everywhere else in the world, type 1 diabetes is the most common chronic childhood stool disease. In the kaliningrad region 326 children and adolescents under 18 years of age are registered with diabetes. Most have type 1 diabetes.

Pharmacist hans-peter hubmann, who is vice chairman of the aid organization "apotheker helfen" (pharmacists help) e.V. Engaged, explains: "from our cooperation with the association ‘diabetes children of the kaliningrad region’ we know that the state medical care for these children is limited to the prescription of drugs."

The association therefore offers the children, their families and caregivers regular training and leisure activities so that the children can learn to cope with their illness.

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