Rotger feldmann advocates more environmental protection

Despite his love of motorcycles, environmental protection is important to cartoonist rotger feldmann (aka brosel). "It’s sick to destroy the best good, the most beautiful thing in the world," feldmann told the german press agency.

As an example, he cited the clearing of the amazon rainforest and the search for raw materials. "For one lump of gold, hundreds of thousands of liters of water are ruined."The inventor of the cartoon character "werner" ("hau wech die scheibe") will die on 17 june. Marz 70 years old.

Feldmann supports a people’s initiative opposing the use of controversial fracking technology in natural gas demand. "In the end, we’ll have to drink even more water from plastic bottles," feldmann said. He was impressed by the swedish climate activist greta thunberg: "i think it’s really good what kind of movement she has started." Politicians "had a look and now they’re slowly starting to do something".

From monday, 28., until probably thursday, 31. October, employees of main-donau netzgesellschaft, a subsidiary of n-ergie aktiengesellschaft, are on the move with a helicopter in the network area. Between 8 a.M. And 5 p.M. Each day, they will fly over a total of almost 350 kilometers of overhead medium-voltage lines in the counties of neustadt an der aisch-bad windsheim and erlangen-hochstadt. The area for flying over the medium-voltage overhead lines essentially covers the eastern district of neustadt an der aisch-bad windsheim. The district of erlangen-hochstadt is only flown over in the west, namely in the area of lonnerstadt and hochstadt, according to the company.

Flying only in clear visibility conditions. Due to weather conditions, the inspection may therefore be delayed. Due to the use of the helicopter, there may be noise and downwind in the areas to be inspected. The main-danube grid company asks the residents for their understanding.

When it comes to inspecting overhead lines, main-donau netzgesellschaft regularly inspects them from the ground as well as from the air – in the case of high-voltage and medium-voltage lines, it uses drones as well as helicopters. Weak points on pylons, insulators and conductor cables can thus be detected and eliminated at an early stage. At the same time, the line survey serves to inspect the entire line route and the line vegetation.

"I can't imagine the johanniter without karl frischmann," is how andreas dennert, former long-serving head of the johanniter rescue service in upper franconia, sums up the mood on karl frischmann's farewell. After 47 years of full-time work in the rescue service, during which he played a decisive role in shaping the upper franconian association, the 65-year-old schlusselfelder is retiring.

Even on his last day at work, he didn't miss the chance to work his shift in the ambulance according to schedule – only briefly interrupted for a little farewell party: "we would like to thank you for this great commitment! Without such employees, the association would not be what it is today," says uwe kinstle, member of the regional board of the johanniter in upper franconia.

As early as 1972, frischmann joined the johanniter-unfall-hilfe burghaslach as a volunteer paramedic. At that time, around 30 members were involved in training the population in first aid and providing an emergency ambulance service that was ready for action. In 1974, the trained rescue assistant then moved to the main office. This was already obvious from a spatial point of view: the 65-year-old lived in burghaslach right next door to the fire department, which housed the johanniter emergency medical services. The first ambulance with the johanniter cross had already been put into service there in 1969.

Staffelberg is to get w-lan

There is a bit of irony here: down in the valley in bad staffelstein, modern fiber-optic technology is currently being installed in order to be able to offer a high-speed internet connection throughout the town in a pilot project – and the first public hot spot in the town will be built a good distance away: at a comparatively remote location, the staffelberg. And this is made possible by a very old technical device, which is currently no longer used.

Ulrich schmitt, local representative in romansthal, drew mayor jurgen kohmann’s (CSU) attention to an old power line that runs up the mountain and is no longer used: "i knew from my earlier work at bayernwerk that it still existed."

Measurements show that it is still intact and can be used as a connection for internet data transmission. The performance is not outstanding – but sufficient. And what is particularly good for the town is that it will only incur minor costs, if any. "We’re still sorting out the contractual details, but it looks like bayernwerk will take over everything.", says kohmann. The service is free of charge for users. The small transmitter is to be placed in the klause.

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