Michael busch, coburg's district administrator and candidate for the state parliament, believes that the SPD has been strengthened by the members' vote: "we have struggled hard. That is democracy. It is the task of all of us as a party to draw strength from this now. We are the only party that has had the coalition agreement ratified by its members. That is crude." But the SPD should not stop there, he demands: "within the party, processes and structures also need to be questioned and changed. There can be no more 'business as usual' at any level. Right down to the local associations." Otherwise, the SPD must make sure that it communicates better what it achieves. "Also failures must be discussed and not tried to be sold as successes. Transparency is one of the most important tasks of members of a coalition. "
Busch had already made a strong case for government participation before the start of the member survey ("we district councils are used to working together in our communities in an objective manner for the good of our citizens."). At the same time, he had very clearly criticized the designated SPD chairwoman andrea nahles. But busch did not elaborate on this in his declaration on sunday. Instead, he praised what the coalition agreement promises for the municipalities, including the two billion euros in additional funding for social housing and the expansion of high-speed internet.

Dominik sauerteig, a city council member in coburg, has a very different view of the outcome of the members' vote, and he looks to the uk and the u.S.: "i'm fed up with having to answer urgent questions about the future by making insufficient compromises with the CDU/CSU. I therefore find the clear yes to the coalition very humiliating. In the end, the majority probably felt a mixture of the desire to implement indisputable negotiating successes, supposed responsibility for state policy and current poll ratings. But we need have no fears about the future if we finally take a lasting departure from the neoliberalism of the past 20 years and once again put people more clearly at the center of our policies. The success of bernie sanders in the U.S. And jeremy corbyn in the U.K. Shows that in important nations of the western world, the need for a credible social democratic protective power in a society marked by perversely unequal conditions is very great."

"Only insufficient hints"
Stefan sauerteig, chairman of the coburg branch of the SPD, is similarly critical: "i had hoped for a different, bolder and more self-confident outcome to the member vote. Particularly in the core social democratic areas, the compromises reached with the union were too wishy-washy for my liking. The most urgent questions of the future, such as the future of the economy, must be answered.B. The future of pensions, the socially just design of the labor market of the future, or the end of two-tier medicine are only insufficiently addressed in the coalition agreement in the form of suggestions, prescriptions or agreements on objectives. However, accepting the result of the members' vote is part of my basic democratic understanding. From my point of view, the path of member participation must now be further pursued and expanded, z.B. In the context of a primary election for the next party chairman or chairwomen. The outcome of the member vote with ca. 66% is certainly a little higher than expected. However, the level of approval is lower than in the last member vote. From this, I derive the clear demand of the grassroots to represent our core social democratic concerns much more self-confidently and to communicate them more intelligibly."

Since the reconstruction in the intersection of nurnberger/holzgarten- and moosstrabe is finished, the improvements are not only lane- but also visible. Gone are the days of bumps and uneven road surfaces. The new markings ensure more safety on the road. "Cyclists in particular are now much better protected", is pleased second mayor jonas glusenkamp (grunes bamberg) in a press release from the city hall.

"Especially at intersections, dangerous situations often occur between bicycle and motor vehicle traffic", adds the mobility officer of the city of bamberg. "More than half of the accidents involving cyclists in urban areas occur at intersections. However, the improvement of bicycle traffic guidance at this point benefits everyone, because cyclists can now be seen much better in cars as well.", emphasizes glusenkamp.

Now with "rotfurt

In the course of the roadway rehabilitation and marking on the main axis nurnberger strabe, not only was the previous, provisional "yellow marking" replaced. A "red ford city wardens now ensure greater attention and better protection for cyclists.

It still doesn’t look like a real tractor of the historic eicher brand, type tiger 2, but soon it will be the center of interest. On the first sunday of september there will be the eighth edition of the cult "eicher-meeting in affalterthal.

One of the highlights of the festival is the raffle of an old oak, this year a tiger, which until recently stood in wannbach. These bulldogs were built from 1968 to 1971. There are only 900 pieces of it.

The proceeds of the raffle will go to the parents’ initiative for children with cancer in erlangen, which supports members of the initiative during the treatment of their children, for example with an apartment.

Three assists: ozil silences critics

The spanish press celebrated his "brilliant" play, which played a major role in the spanish record champion’s 5:1 victory. Ozil’s assist from a chipping trick, which the frenchman karim benzema scored in the 19th minute. The goalkeeper, who scored the opening goal in the first minute, was unanimously praised as brilliant. "A true product of its class," raved "el pais". For the madrid newspaper it was "the most remarkable detail" of the whole game. Benzema’s goal after ozil’s assist was the "crowning glory of the game’s finest move".

Ozil did the groundwork for two other real goals: the ex-bremer kicked the corner ball that defender sergio ramos had taken in the 34th minute. Minute header to make it 2:1. Ozil, who was 67. The player, who was substituted for kaka in the 50th minute, gave up his place in the match. In the second minute, he also set up the assist with which the outstanding benzema scored his second goal. The argentinean gonzalo higuain (47.) and the altogether unfortunate playing portuguese goal king cristiano ronaldo (89.) contributed the remaining goals to the table-topping team’s quiet victory.

breakdown start in giant slalom: rebensburg now focuses on speed

Viktoria rebensburg must put aside the unsatisfactory start to the season in giant slalom. Fourth place in solden a month ago and now the end of the season in killington on saturday, despite the best chances for a podium place in each case, do not fit the season’s goal of giant slalom ball.

The failure in the u.S. Was the first in their favorite discipline in almost four years. But there are still six races to go in this discipline – and rebensburg has other plans for the world championship winter. In addition pay a medal in the title competitions and success in the speed disciplines: "I also did not like to let the super-G fall behind. There was an "aha" effect last year. Even if the results weren’t that good," the 29-year-old skier already said in the summer.

After the departure from the US state of vermont, on the way to the canadian rocky mountains in lake louise, rebensburg has to get physically and mentally ready for the long skis again. And not to be rattled by the results at the start of the season ahead of the two upcoming downhills and super g. "Basically, you just have to make sure you get it down well next time," head coach jurgen graller told the german press agency. "The gross mistake would be to dramatize something now."

The last meeting of 2018 of the municipal council on thursday in the town hall was dominated by the honoring of deserving burghers. Untersiemau now has two new holders of the silver medal of honor – konrad reibmann and paul kratochwil. In addition, thomas burger and edeltraud obermuller received the bronze medal of honor of the municipality. In addition, deserving community servicemen were honored. Frank weber received high praise from mayor rolf rosenbauer (CSU) for his ten years of service as second mayor and chairman of the sports and culture committee.

"A gentleman of the old school, so rosenbauer, was awarded the medal of honor in silver. For konrad reibmann, it goes without saying that he would use his commitment for the benefit of others. The rough horse of the organizational talent was athletics. For many decades, konrad reibmann had been in charge of the local championships and the taking of the german sports badge. In addition, he had volunteered tirelessly for TSV scherneck as a department and training manager. Reibmann is a welcome guest at countless sporting events and a competent interlocutor, he says. Rolf rosenbauer said to the honored: "a club needs role models like you, our society needs you." And further: role models like konrad reibmann are a poster child for the community.

22 years in the town council

About the next recipient of the silver medal of honor, paul kratochwil, rosenbauer said he often offers his helping hand to others. On the other hand, in earlier years, paul had been a gifted but hard-nosed field hockey player in habfurt. Later he played soccer in obersiemau. He enjoys the trust of his fellow men, rosenbauer outlines him. This had helped him in the municipal elections. He has been an honorary member of this committee for 22 years. His contributions are always factual, based on general knowledge and common sense. Rosenbauer: "he just said something when there was something to say!" As chairman of the fire department of birkach am forst he had helped to shape village life. Born in czechoslovakia, he has always been interested in the understanding between nations. Today, kratochwil uses his commitment in the community’s work with seniors or supports the implementation of the legendary hiking trails. Paul kratochwil already received the municipal medal of merit in 2012 and the coarse pewter plate of the municipality in 2014.

state chancellery: tesla agrees to buy land

According to the brandenburg state chancellery, the settlement of the US electric car manufacturer tesla in grunheide (or spree) is another step closer.

The company’s management board has approved the purchase agreement with the state of brandenburg for the acquisition of the roughly 300-hectare plot of land, according to government spokesman florian engels. Tesla wants to build his factory on the land. The finance committee of the brandenburg state parliament had already approved the purchase agreement.

In grunheide near berlin, starting in the summer of 2021, an annual number of 150.000 model 3 and Y electric cars to be built, after expansion up to 500.000 vehicles a year. The purchase price for the forest land near grunheide (or-spree district) had been estimated by the state forestry enterprise at just under 41 million euros, but a further independent expert opinion is still pending. The final purchase price is to be adjusted to the result of this second survey, if it comes to a different land value.

"We must help our colleagues in the affected flood areas, who are now facing nothing, and show solidarity", said the herzogenaurach businessman lothar maydt at the general meeting of the forder- und werbegemeinschaft a few weeks ago in the hotel herzogspark. Now the owner of the household goods store of the same name has put his word into practice.

"I had tears in my eyes at the television pictures, it is terrible to have to watch, if the existence sinks in the water or swims away", maydt tells us afterwards.

As is well known, he rebuilt his shop and stored a large part of the shelves and furniture. "Who likes to throw something away, you always think you can use it later for sure.

The feathers of these chickens are curled in a peculiar way all over the body and give them a completely different appearance than one is used to from the usual chicken breeds. Stephanie becker agrees. "Her funny figure, in connection with the trusting nature, has immediately drawn me into her spell", she swarmed.

The only breeder far and wide
The chairwoman of the geflugelzuchtverein mainleus 1955 is in these widths the only breeder of this rare breed. She has devoted herself to the "dwarfed" variation in the white color scheme prescribed. "It was not so easy to get hold of such animals. Five years ago, after a long search, I finally found what I was looking for in the area of central franconia and was able to get hold of a rooster with two hens from a breeder", the 35-year-old is delighted."These female woolly chicks are very robust and can be kept in the open all year round. When I sit on the bench near my chicken coop and watch the radiant white roosters and hens foraging on the well-kept, green lawn, it is the best way for me to relax from the daily grind, it is pure meditation", the professionally successful businesswoman is very happy.

In general, in the house of becker, as a balance, the occupation with the feathered cattle is written very roughly. Son nils proudly presents his first honorary ribbon, which he won with his modern english dwarf fighters, bahama ducks and hammered egg doves. Daughter josephine has also won numerous trophies with her cohesive egg doves. And mama stephanie has already landed a great cup this year: in october she presented her grouse for the first time at a prestigious show, the german young poultry show in hannover, and was able to get the highest score "excellent" for one of the hens achieve.

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