In russia, as almost everywhere else in the world, type 1 diabetes is the most common chronic childhood stool disease. In the kaliningrad region 326 children and adolescents under 18 years of age are registered with diabetes. Most have type 1 diabetes.

Pharmacist hans-peter hubmann, who is vice chairman of the aid organization "apotheker helfen" (pharmacists help) e.V. Engaged, explains: "from our cooperation with the association ‘diabetes children of the kaliningrad region’ we know that the state medical care for these children is limited to the prescription of drugs."

The association therefore offers the children, their families and caregivers regular training and leisure activities so that the children can learn to cope with their illness.

the struggle of eastern artists in the transition period

30 years after the peaceful revolution, the leipzig museum of fine arts (mdbk) deals with the turnaround in a rough exhibition.

"Point of no return. Wende und umbruch in der ostdeutschen kunst" (turnaround and upheaval in east german art) shows more than 300 works of all genres by 106 artists on about 2000 square meters. The work reflects the time before the fall of the wall. The upheaval itself and the redefinition of art afterwards are also presented.

"In many cases, the artists anticipated the upheaval," said paul kaiser, director of the dresden institute for cultural studies, on monday. Kaiser curated the show together with christoph tannert, director of the kunstlerhaus bethanien in berlin, and alfred weidinger, director of the leipzig museum. The result is a comprehensive, courageous show that reflects the uncertainty and fear of the upheaval.

fire department action in wurzburg: toddler plays with key and locks himself in car

In wurzburg-sanderau there was a firefighting operation in which a small child had to be rescued from a car. This reports the fire department.

To overcome the boredom in the children’s seat, a ca. 18-month-old boy with his mother’s car keys. While the woman was outside the car, the little explorer tried all the functions intensively and locked the doors without further ado. To top it all he loved to drop the key out of reach on the back seat.

The desperate mother tried to get help through her car repair shop, but failed. Attempts to smash the side windows with a hammer did not lead to the desired success either. Only the arriving fire department could provide help.

Hangepartie podolski-change - 'inter-offer a joke'

Lukas podolski’s possible move to inter milan is apparently turning into a game of chicken.

After italian media had already reported an agreement between serie A’s number three and arsenal about a loan deal for the soccer world champion, gunners coach arsene wenger caused further confusion. At a press conference, the frenchman described the offer from inter as a "joke" and, when asked about the interest of the italians, said: "they talk, there is only language. Inter milan is not serious."

Podolski is an arsenal player, "and i want him to stay," wenger stressed, but behind his statements lie what are probably tactical considerations in the transfer negotiations. Apparently, the two clubs are still far apart in their financial ideas. Previously, there was talk that inter would loan the former kolner player for two million euros until the end of the season and then have an option to buy him.

Motorcycle season: tips for a safe start

For jurgen fischer, it has become an annual ritual. When he takes his motorcycle out of the garage in the spring, he doesn't get on and ride off, but takes his time first. He takes a close look at his BMW R1100 (90 hp). Checking, for example, whether the technology is working, the tires are ok and whether every screw is tight. "I don't ride before", says the 58-year-old, who lives in eltmann and enjoys a fascinating hobby there with a number of like-minded people: riding motorcycles.

Enormous power
On rough trips with the motorcycle friends eltmann he is on the road for days with the two-wheeler, enjoying transferring enormous power to the road with a single handgrip. It is, as he says, a quest, a real passion. And unfortunately not without danger. Because for motorcyclists, the probability of an accident is "many times higher" than for car drivers, as roland says than for car drivers, according to roland volpert of the police prasidium unterfranken. For one thing, a powerful vehicle like a motorcycle is harder to control. Motorcyclists are also at risk because they are easily overlooked by motorists.

According to the police, 526 people were injured in 584 traffic accidents involving motorized two-wheelers last year, and 13 riders lost their lives. Even before the start of the actual season, on 5. January this year, one motorcyclist killed in an accident in habberge county. The police does not want to scare anyone with such numbers, but warn: who swings on the motorcycle, should never do it thoughtlessly and without preparation. With their safety concept, they want to ensure many accident-free rides.

Wildenberg – in a statement on the letter to the editor "rainberg: happy timber auction" (28. November, page 13) erwin schwarz, the district chairman of the bavarian farmers’ association in kronach, first thanked mr. Schedel for the report on forest road construction on the rainberg on 25. November. Forest management has something to do with the word "economic efficiency" to do. "In a forest that is not developed", so "black" necessary care makings are carried out more rarely and the forest is damaged by the climatic change more strongly." If wood is removed during a tree removal, everyone gets upset. And: "what happens in case of calamitates (windthrow, snowfall), when thousands of hectares in one area are damaged?? Mr. Rahm gets upset when the same flat is needed for a hardware store just outside kronach?"
To the hunt romance belong also the hunt and utilization of game. He, black, have the utmost respect for people who spend their free time with the care and maintenance of the game. In developed forest areas this work goes much more easily.
The BBV-funktionar wortlich: "all burger want the energiewende, only not before the own hausture. Saving energy – not me, just the others. New lines must be built, but not with us. Our politicians have come up with the idea of underground cabling freely according to the motto ‘out of sight, out of mind’. The additional costs are estimated to be low, the burger wants it that way. In the end, the extra costs will pay all consumers. In this sense, I ask all citizens of hamburg to objectively form an opinion, taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages. And not only to see their own advantage."

Puma’s new building is due to be completed around the end of march 2020, and the excavators are currently busy preparing the construction site. The so-called "puma house" is being built where the former plaza used to be, along with a soccer field. On wednesday the project was a topic in the building committee.

At the moment the earth is being cleared. The former plaza, i.E. The open space between the outlet, the office building and the brand center, has become a rough construction site. The new building will have a surface area of 4000 square meters and will mainly contain showrooms where, among other things, key accounts will be shown the new products. These rooms are to be designed flexibly, according to the company’s press office.

The "puma house" will also feature a new customer restaurant was to be built, covering around 620 square meters of floor space. The cafe next to the outlet, now called "the beck is being built. The space is needed for an expansion of the concept store, the information continues.

Wahner first german amateur boxing world champion: 'madness'

Ornella wahner has achieved the greatest success in german women’s amateur boxing. The 25-year-old featherweight defeated sonia from india 4:1 in the final of the world championships in neu-dehli.

So wahner, who starts for tabea halle/saale, has conquered the first german gold medal in the women’s world championship history. The last german amateur men’s world champion was jack culcay nine years ago.

"That’s insane. World champion – i still can’t believe it. It’s an incredibly nice feeling to hear the national anthem," said the 25-year-old boxer, who trains with michael timm in schwerin. The 57 kilogram and 1.64 meter tall athlete also has a fub in berlin, she affirmed. "I lived there for ten years, my father and my friends live there, and I often go there."

Half a century as a doctor

There is a generation for whom there will always be a "hood" and "druben give. Dr. Karl-heinz dathe belongs to this generation. And when he reports on his life in his practice, a piece of contemporary history passes by.
As dathe on 18. May 1940 is born in leipzig, there is war in germany. It is one germany, and its borders are bigger than they used to be. When the young man sits in the lecture hall, there are two german states. Their division is sealed in 1961 with the building of the wall. Next to medical lectures there are subjects like "marxism and leninism on the curriculum. "It annoyed us, but of course we couldn't say it out loud", tells dathe. Even the student protests that swept through the federal republic of germany in 1968 passed him by. "We have only seen this on television", tells the internist.

Advantages for functionaries
After his studies in leipzig (1958 to 1964) dathe goes to thuringia. On 1. September 1964 he begins his practical year in a polyclinic in the suhl area. 1966 he moves to the internal medicine department in meiningen, where he completes his residency until 1970 – and sticks around. Dathe becomes a ward physician, later a senior physician. "We were a great team. We still meet today", he tells.
But the political pressure is rough. He does not even stop at the hospitals. "It was preferred, in all cases", tells dathe. The station had to keep one or two rooms available in case one of the functionaries became ill. "Then all of a sudden there were the drugs that we otherwise couldn't get hold of so easily," he says, reports dathe. The personal limitation weighed even more heavily. "This feeling of being locked up and not being able to get out", karl-heinz dathe calls it.

Note in the stasi file
Karl-heinz dathe is an internist with body and soul. His hobby is infectious and tropical medicine. "I liked working abroad once," he says, he tells. In "friendly states like mozambique or nicaragua, this would also have been possible, but dathe did not get permission to do so. Years later he reads in his stasi file that he was also under surveillance.
When political change is announced, dathe just wants to get away. There are also monday demonstrations in meiningen. "That was great", he remembers "there was a very rough power track." But this power is not enough to keep him in his home country. With the fall of the wall on 9. November 1989 a move to the FRG is a done deal for dathe. He leaves meiningen as early as december. The family arrives in the spring of 1990.
He applies and finds work in bad bruckenau. "The medical possibilities in the FRG completely overwhelmed me," he says, he tells. "It took me a long time to come to terms with this tragedy." His wife ingrid, who has a psychotherapeutic practice in bad bruckenau, felt the same way. The first time at the "kupsch wanted to go shopping in ernst-putz-stra be, she fell in love, he pays dathe.
The relocation to rhon was a new professional start for dathe. In the first year he works in the practice of dr. We ber and in the old hospital. 1991 he joins the group practice of dr. Wildenauer a. In 2001, he set up his own practice as a general practitioner in the medical center at bahnhofstrabe 2. "There were already enough internists in bad bruckenau", he says, explaining the decision, which was not easy for him. "I was very happy to do it."

Ice tigers win del wintergame in front of record crowd

The 4:3 victory of the nurnberg ice tigers against the german champion eisbaren berlin in front of a european record crowd was almost a minor matter at that moment. Despite constant drizzle and low temperatures, the spectators created a goosebump atmosphere. "That was a rough event for german ice hockey," said ice barbarians coach don jackson, "because of the defeat we are naturally frustrated."Nurnbergs kapitan patrick reimer was happy about the "pleasure" of playing in front of so many fans. "It was an incredible and indescribable feeling when i looked into the crowded range," said the 30-year-old.

Connor james gave the nurnberg team a 1-0 lead only in the second period and went down in history as the first goal scorer in the DEL wintergame. Berlin defender florian busch equalized two seconds before the end of the third with a brute shot. "I didn’t realize at first that the puck was in it," he told servus tv. Tim schule scored to give france the lead again, but berlin captain andre rankel made it 2-2 just 27 seconds later.

The joy lasted only four minutes, then reimer scored the 3:2 for the ice tigers. Jason jaspers raised the score to 4:2 – that was the deciding factor, even though T.J mulock still managed to score the 3:4.

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