Foolish journey to bella italia

A great stage program and the masquerade ceremony thrilled the jesters. The motto was "bella italia" and reminded more of the glorious past than of summer vacation, pizza and pope.
The costuming was uniquely good: almost everyone presented the theme in original outfits. Venetian ladies, pizza bakers and roman legionaries delighted the eye. In addition, there was the powerful sound of the "rossinis", who turned the adam-riese-hall into a witch’s cauldron. The atmosphere could not have been better. Already with the first bars of the band the jecken swayed in the dance.
The skkler had decorated the hall in an extraordinary way. Red-green-yellow flags spanned the ceiling, the stage was transformed into a roman temple, next to it the leaning tower of pisa bent ominously. To the sounds of sublime music, president matthias grass rolled onto the dance floor as casar in a chariot pulled by a vespa. He buried his people in latin, which was, however, more like french. Even the pope in the papamobile arrived and welcomed the carnivalists.
The very first item on the program was an eye-catcher. The SKK’s purzelgarde danced under the direction of helga ofzarek with pinocchio.
And then it got crowded in front of the stage. The carnival club once again outdid itself in the masquerade procession. The "bunga bunga" racing stable came along with a papier-mache ferrari. Already now it was clear, he will win the award. "Asterix conquers rome followed in the ranking and the gucci handbag as third place convinced the jury with landrat christian meibner (CSU), who had thrown himself into the dress of a roman soldier.
Christine wittmann had prepared her youth guard well for the show dance of her girls. They received thunderous applause. Pizza baker dino lampa showed tricks on the unicycle, juggled with clubs or oranges and loved rooster and pizza circling around his head and hooves. Afterwards the professionals, who made their first dance steps in 1999 in the "purzelgarde", earned long lasting applause.
But as far as the applause was concerned, the male ballet stole the show. It was already midnight when the gentlemen, some of them graying, appeared in romanesque costume and made love to the clashing of swords.
While it became quieter in the hall, it really got going in the foyer. The party went on until dawn.
Michael hess, second president of the SKK, was proud of the masquerade masks. "We spent four weeks building and tinkering", he told our newspaper. The preparations had started in september.

Hundreds of thousands of people from near and far flock to the "gateway to the franconian forest" every year to celebrate the "freischieben" in kronach. Rides and booths, the two festival halls and, last but not least, the beer garden at the schutzenhaus attracted visitors with attractions, music, food and drink.
But this year, too, numerous residents of the care facility "leben am rosenberg" wanted to leave the celebrations not only to the young people at the helios-frankenwald hospital in kronach. On the first friday of the festival, one day after the beer tapping, they made their way to the schutzenplatz, accompanied by their caregivers, enjoyed one or the other freshly tapped stein in splendid summer weather, and enjoyed the plump folk festival atmosphere. The watchful eye of the security service made sure that everything was always done properly, and ensured that the companions of the merry group also had their fun.
Fortified with bratwurst, fish sandwiches and roasted almonds, the group headed home after an eventful afternoon.
The "leben am rosenberg" care facility has been present at the frankenwaldklinik since 2004, with which it cooperates in several areas, and currently accommodates a total of 33 residents in short- and long-term care. In addition to nursing care, the facility also offers its residents regular activities such as a visit to the kronach free slide.

"This is not a show dance, says gisela ottenschlager. Every time she dances with her meditative dance group, she is gripped by the special atmosphere. "Praying with the fuben" the woman from schusselfeld calls it and seems very serious. Ottenschlager became known to a larger audience through completely different dances, namely through her productions at the schlusselfeld carnival.
This is something completely different. When the 15 women gather in the sanctuary of the church and form a very calm and collected circle, the atmosphere also spreads to the spectator. The women are young or not so young anymore, catholic or protestant, from schlusselfeld or from various surrounding communities. What they all have in common is that they want to draw strength and peace from dance.
"I need to come down in everyday life", says gisela ottenschlager. That gives her this way of dancing. After a hard blow at a very young age, she had "lost a lot of her faith". She learned to pray with the pigeons in various monasteries. "I took peace and strength home with me", she tells. The meditative dance has brought her back to her faith.

Help in hard times

Gundi prols experienced the healing effect of meditative dancing in a difficult time. "You can switch off and recharge your batteries." This helped her a lot during the time of her husband's serious illness and then during the time of mourning.
The meditative dance group has been in existence for about two years now. The women meet once a month in the parish hall. Usually they dance for themselves. They dance "through the church year", that is, they take up dancing the times of the church calendar. Light in the darkness or encouragement to wait, for example, are themes in advent. At easter the resurrection, the joy and the growth are felt in dance. They also dance the elements fire, water, air and earth. "With the fire it gets very fast, it makes you feel really hot", gisela ottenschlager explains. The earth, on the other hand, becomes "all the way down into the earth" danced.
Last sunday, for example, the circle had the opportunity to dance at the harvest service. While gisela ottenschlager leads the way, marion jager and doris paszek are responsible for preparation and integration into the liturgy.

Blow up against the crisis

Actually gerhard kernwein was a day too early. The baritone player of the stadtkapelle zeil stood on his balcony at 6 p.M. On saturday, set up his notes and belted out the european anthem. Neighbors came out in front of the doors and hoarding and were happy about the music – and the sign that people stand together in difficult times. When the melody was over, he noticed that the action, after which musicians everywhere pick up their instruments and play, was actually not supposed to start until sunday. No matter. On sunday he blew on it again.

Music, burning candles, like the ones people are currently placing in front of doors or in windows, are important symbols of community and solidarity, just like the sound of church bells or public applause for people who are particularly committed to helping their fellow human beings during the crisis. For example, for doctors and nurses, as well as employees in supermarkets, pharmacies, drugstores, local governments, police officers and politicians, who bear great responsibility. 

World star meets young choir in kronach

When world star deborah sasson performs on sunday, december 16, at 6:00 p.M. December, at 6 p.M., when world star deborah sasson enters the stage of the kreiskulturraum in kronach, there will be a surprise. In addition to her international ensemble, she is also accompanied by the friesener nachwuchschor "con brio" musically supported. Manager michaela taube: "we feel honored, this is a rough challenge."

This christmas concert should be festive, moving and above all unforgettable. At least, that’s what event partner rainer ludwig would like to see. On the second sunday in advent, the stage will therefore not only be illuminated by the spotlight, but above all by the fascinating charisma of an award-winning interpreter. And they want to be known for rough classics like "gloria", "ave maria" or "panis angelicus singing into the hearts of the audience. But not only classical music will flow through the room, but also more lively music. They come from well-known titles like "jingle bells", "rudolph, the red nosed reindeer" or "santa claus is coming to town. She will be accompanied by the russian pianist iwan urwalow.

Deborah sasson, who was already in kronach in 2016, impressed not only her audience, but also and above all mayor wolfgang beiergroblein. He still enthuses about a "great performance" or "panis angelicus, where he met the singer in person – and took her to his heart. But that doesn’t seem to have been a one-way street, because the artist also remembers the warmth she was shown. She assures: "with the burgermeister we were immediately in harmony."

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