Wayside shrine in reiterswiesen to be renovated in stone

On 15. June 1619 jorg borst was killed by "the fall of a tree". Today we know so much about the accident of the reiterswiesener, because his descendants relatively quickly to his memory a "marterl", that is, a wayside shrine, which still stands today on the kissinger strabe that runs through reiterswiesen. Although its location has been adapted to the course of the road over the years, it has actually always stood, and this for almost 400 years now, on the driveway to the castle ruins of botenlauben.

But also stones come to an age, in which nature can harm them more than a "young stone". Especially the red, french colored sandstone from the local area is very "weather-beaten", it should be lifted, it cracks easily. And when water penetrates and a cold winter comes along, whole parts of the stone can easily chip off.

No longer state of the art
About 20 years ago, the stone had already been prescribed a health cure, was treated with acrylic, and yet now shows coarser cracks again. A procedure that, according to stone restorer petro schiller, is no longer used today, not least because the chemicals used are not without danger. "In the winter" is the spontaneous advice of the stonemason and restorer who runs a studio in konigsberg in bavaria. And schiller must know, in the meantime he has restored almost a dozen similar sculptures from the same period.

More and more lonely people at risk of poverty

More and more people in germany live alone – and significantly more single people than before are at risk of poverty. Single people and single parents are also particularly often over-indebted.

At the same time, loneliness as a social problem is increasingly coming into focus: because, according to studies, lonely people have a higher risk of becoming ill and dying earlier.

Almost one in three single people in germany is at risk of poverty. According to the latest figures from the european statistical office eurostat, this was 32.9 percent of single people in 2016. Ten years earlier, only 21.5 percent of all single people were at risk of poverty. Since 2011, the proportion of those at risk of poverty has been over 30 percent. The risk-of-poverty threshold in germany in 2016 was 1063.75 euros per month, equivalent to 60 percent of the median income. The left drew attention to the latest eurostat figures in the bundestag.

The location of the campsite is certainly one of the most important factors in the selection process. Popular campsites offer the possibility of skiing, snowboarding, snowkiting or cross-country skiing. Wherever nature, winter sports and campsites meet, winter camping becomes an unforgettable experience. A rough overview of campsites can be found at the ADAC, in the following two campsites are presented in more detail.

Alpine caravan park tennsee

Exactly these optimal conditions are offered by the camping site "camping tennsee", which has been awarded with five stars between zugspitze and karwendel mountains. Winter campers feel well taken care of here: even at temperatures of -20°C the existing fountains run without problems. A drying room for winter clothes and ski boots with lockable ski safes and the free cleaning service for car, caravan or camper are proof of the special service.

The laboratory exposes cheats

The latest scandal about falsely declared foodstuffs containing horse meat is also occupying the max rubner institute (MRI). The federal research institute investigates the safety and quality of meat at the kulmbach site. In principle, there's nothing wrong with eating horse meat, says institute director klaus troeger, but consumers must not be misled: "where it says beef on the label, it must not say horse on the inside."

As a consumer, can you tell the difference between horse meat and beef??
Klaus troeger: horse meat is similar to beef in composition and appearance, but there are some differences: it is redder, leaner and suber than beef.

How does it differ nutritionally from other meats??
The muscle meat of the horse contains more of the red meat blood pigment myoglobin and therefore also more iron. It is not marbled, that is, it is not streaked with fatty veins, as is the case with beef. This makes it 20 to 30 percent lower in calories. The composition of fat in horse is even more nutritionally favorable: horse meat contains significantly less saturated and more unsaturated fatty acids than beef.

Police investigates after tiger drama in the Kolner zoo

According to the zoo, there was no danger to zoo visitors at any time, as the tiger had not been able to leave its indoor enclosure. The site of the accident was not visible to visitors. The police now want to clarify the exact course of the accident: they have initiated a death investigation, they announced.

The accident occurred on saturday afternoon during cleaning work. According to initial findings, the keeper probably forgot to lock up the male tiger, the zoo said. Presumably the tiger had attacked them from behind. After the deadly bite "altai" had let go of his victim. According to police, the animal attacked the keeper in a commercial building adjacent to the enclosure, which is inaccessible to visitors.

The dead woman is an experienced animal keeper. As a district keeper, she had extensive and longstanding experience in dealing with predators. "We cannot explain at this time why the experienced keeper was able to make such a treacherous mistake," pagel said. She had been in a place where she was not allowed to be "when the animal is inside".

Standige schwarzfahrten: intransigence leads to jail

It was one ride too many. A trip to prison. On that evening in march of this year, the 59-year-old woman was not surprised that she was already under double arrest for driving drunk and black over and over again. A police patrol caught the woman driving home on a moped with 1.1 blood alcohol level. An act that now finally brings the barrel to overflowing: the businesswoman now has to spend six months behind bars.

The verdict by criminal court judge and district court director helga muller is something like the final point of an ominous development that began a good four years ago. At that time, the life of the defendant took a fateful turn. She is the victim of a traffic accident. The health problems afterwards are enormous, the degree of the heavy handicap is with 70 per cent.

Under double jeopardy

In the same year her marriage is divorced. At the same time, alcohol becomes a dominant theme. The 59-year-old was caught driving drunk for the first time in summer 2017. She has to give up her driving license for some time – but still keeps on driving. She is caught again, has alcohol in her blood again – it is the beginning of a fatal cycle.

"A cool place in warm weather", this is how the forderverein describes the open-air swimming pool in grafenberg. The fact that the number of visitors reached new dimensions this year was not only due to the weather. It is also thanks to the commitment of the forderverein that the pool was able to be reopened at all after the big bang in 2016. This, too, will be remembered at the weekend during the 80th anniversary of the grafenberg open-air pool. Because that, too, is part of the history of the open-air swimming pool, which began in 1937. It did not emerge from a pool of loo water, but was built as an open-air pool from the very beginning. It has 50 meter long lanes.

With sloping walls

The pool was built with sloping walls, as was customary at the time, in order to produce less excavated earth and save concrete. Where the parking lots are now, there was a pond in which the water was temporarily stored. It existed until the 60s. Then came the first hygiene regulations and the intermediate pond was abandoned. The construction of the open-air swimming pool, in which the people of grafenberg themselves lent a hand, began in the summer of 1937. Only one year later the open-air swimming pool was finished. The cost: 30,000 reichsmarks, as gerhard gundelfinger recorded in his local chronicle. And also the little story about the bath can be read there. For even though most of the people of grafenberg went to the open-air pool, they stayed in the non-swimmer’s pool. This was visually separated from the swimming pool by a wooden beam.

Hardly anyone knew how to swim

Hardly anyone could swim, there was simply no opportunity to learn how to swim before the open-air pool was built. The quickest to learn this were the youngsters, who soon ventured into the swimming pool to the amazement of the older generation. The admiration of the bathers was secured by the one who dared to take a header from the iron diving tower. The diving tower of yesteryear no longer exists. But memories of those early years. "As children, we went to the outdoor pool every day." This statement can be heard from almost every citizen in grafenberg who is now 70 or 80 years old. For many people in grafenberg, this remained the case until 2016, when, despite annual warnings from the public health department, it went bust. The open-air swimming pool was closed.

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