A deal must be finalized within a few days, reported the financial news agency bloomberg. According to the wall street journal, knight told trading partners that at least friday was secured thanks to a new credit line.

The catastrophe began on wednesday. The new software flooded the market with erroneous trade orders at launch. More than 140 shares were affected, the share prices were out of line, and trading in various securities had to be suspended for a time. Most of the confusion took place from 9.30 to 10.15 new york time off until company technicians could stop software. The mistake was particularly devastating for knight capital itself: the firm was left holding many overpriced shares after the order firestorm, with losses adding up to $440 million.

Investors loved knight: the stock lost 75 percent of its value in two days, and the stock’s value shrank to just over 250 million dollars. On friday the early new york trade went up again by a good quarter auarts after the news of the fresh credit.

Member of the state parliament steffen vogel (CSU) from theres points out demand means, which flee to the district habberge. The money comes from two pots. On the one hand, four municipalities benefit, and on the other hand, the associations in the district receive support.

The bavarian urban development program 2020 is set up. This year, some 191 million euros are available for 406 cities and municipalities. "We have stabilized state funding for urban development at a high level", is pleased steffen vogel. The funds from the bavarian urban development program benefit smaller towns and communities in rural areas in particular. "It is intended, for example, to help municipalities focus on internal development and use vacant properties to keep their town centers attractive and livable." Clarifies vogel.

In the district of habberge, the town of zeil benefits from urban redevelopment measures and individual projects with a demand sum of 1148,000 euros. For the demand initiative "indoors instead of outdoors the municipality of aidhausen is receiving 776,000 euros for a project in happertshausen, as well as the municipality of bundorf (town center project) 990,000 euros and the town of hofheim (old town project) 160,000 euros.

Rough salary differences for the same profession

This was reported by the "frankfurter allgemeine zeitung" with reference to a study by the hamburger consulting firm personalmarkt for the newspaper. For example, someone working in marketing or sales in frankfurt earns an average of more than 60,000 euros a year, but only just under 44,000 euros in leipzig.

The classic differences between north and south, east and west were not dissolved. "Nothing is really happening," personnel market boss tim boger told the newspaper. It is even to be noted that in the east, the proportion of holders in the national average across all occupational groups has recently even fallen again slightly in some cases after several years of increase. The earnings in popular occupational fields in 15 rough german cities were investigated.

The differences can be quite considerable, even in the west: for example, a scientist in saarbrucken earns an average of 61,564 euros, but in dusseldorf, 68,282 euros. A doctor in munich earns 95,340 euros gross per year, in bremen only 83,713 euros. However, experts advise against moving to another city just for the sake of a comparative salary: in most cases, the extra money is eaten up by higher rents and living costs. "You get the most out of the little money in cottbus," says boger.

Windheim the church of st. Nicholas is a beautiful and of course historical building. During its 400-year existence, the house of god has withstood summer and heat, storms and rain. Not much has changed on site since the last extension in 1970. Now, however, it is time for a general renovation of the building.

Defect at second glance

At first glance, the layman does not see the enormous need for renovation of the house of god. On closer inspection, however, the crumbling exterior plaster and the damp interior plaster on the lowest part of the wall stand out. You can also see that the seat and knee bench are getting on in years and also other corners that need more than just a beauty correction.

The church administration has been considering a possible renovation since 2016, explains church administrator manfred fehn. In the meantime, it has come to the conclusion that a general renovation after almost 50 years would be more sensible and more sustainable than tackling only partially completed renovation sections.

european commissioner defends lowering of roaming charges

Commissioner neelie kroes reacted sharply to criticism from vodafone boss vittorio colao, who accused brussel of putting too much of a burden on the telecommunications industry in view of the current economic situation. These include the pressure on tariffs for roaming in other EU countries and voice between networks of different providers.

The commission was driving the regulation with an "autopilot developed 15 years ago," scolded the head of the world’s largest mobile communications provider in terms of revenue. Colao called for an end to the pressure on prices so that the industry could invest more money again. The head of deutsche telekom, rene obermann, also warned that regulation was costing the companies billions in less revenue.

"Message to vittorio and vodafone: i won’t be fooled and i don’t react well to threats," kroes countered on tuesday. She is on the side of the vodafone customers. "When consumers are no longer afraid to use their smartphones and tablets while traveling in europe, network operators will also benefit."

ec-card uncovered: kulmbach woman just misses jail

Under certain circumstances, unpaid small amounts can go straight to jail. Yesterday, a 33-year-old woman from the western district of kulmbach came within a hair's breadth of being convicted at the local court in kulmbach. She had used her EC card to buy various items of clothing at H&M, although the card was not covered.

Overview of finances completely lost

The clothing chain has not seen any money from the woman to this day. The court therefore sentenced the 33-year-old to three months' imprisonment on probation for fraud. Despite three different, partly severe criminal records, the case was only saved because the woman could credibly show that she had completely lost track of her finances at the time of the crime a year ago.

In court, however, the woman only managed a partial confession. "The account was covered", she said. After all, other debits had also been made. She certainly did not have any proof. But a hefty bill from a collection agency. But she does not want to get them at all. "There is often mail disappeared", said the accused.

France expects debt ratio to reach record level

Debt reached a record 95.1 percent of gross domestic product – up from 90.2 percent at the end of 2012. The target for 2014 was set at 94.3 percent this spring. According to EU rules, public debt should not exceed 60 percent of gross domestic product.

According to the calculations of "figaro", the projected value for 2014 corresponds to a per capita national debt of about 30,000 euros per inhabitant. In germany, the per capita debt in 2012 was around 25,000 euros, and the debt ratio was around 82 percent of gdp.

France’s economy and finance minister pierre moscovici to present official forecast next week. "The debt will reach a peak and then decline," he declared tuesday in a television interview on the channel france 2 without denying the figures of the "figaro". The debt is not a danger because the government is printing the structural deficit through reforms.

The green baron invites to his garden kingdom

Is this man crazy? If you don’t know robert von susskind, you’ll be taken aback the first time you meet him. The baron speaks faster than weeds grow. He has eyes that are so light blue they make the female-blue summer sky look like a dark thundercloud. Baron robert von susskind is also known as gruner baron. He has created an unparalleled landscape park on his estate of dennenlohe castle in central franconia.

Unterschwaningen is completely remote in the french pampas. But suddenly a pond, a farm and a castle appear: dennenlohe. The symmetrical baroque building is owned by the eighth generation of the von susskind family.

"I was the oldest apprentice

"Would you like to take a quick look at the garden before dinner??", asks the landlord for burial. And off we go: a fast-paced course through susskind’s garden world, feeling like a gallop through a dream landscape in the evening light. It begins with a labyrinth and an adjoining maze of thuja trees. "The labyrinth has many wrong ways, while the maze is a continuous path", the baron quickly explains as he passes by.

Martin schweiger a 41-year-old man from the habberge district shamelessly exploited his position of trust as deputy manager of a supermarket in august last year: on 9. August 2018 he stole about 18.50 watch from the safe, for which he ordered a key, 320 euros. Unfortunately for him, he was filmed by a video camera that the store manager had installed unnoticed after there had been repeated discrepancies in the amount of cash on hand.

On wednesday, the thief had to answer to the district court in habfurt, where he described the crime as a "blodheit" he said that he had regretted early on. He had returned the money the next day. Nevertheless, the store manager did not withdraw the complaint.

Since the 2. In may 2018, the defendant was employed as a deputy manager, the store manager reported as a witness before the court. Since then, there have always been "differences in the safe" which is why he had a video camera installed. Finally, he wanted to know what had happened to the money. On the video recording, he had finally been able to identify the thief without a doubt as his deputy and had given him notice of termination the day after the crime.

local elections in wartmannsroth: betz runs as a lateral thinker

Manuel betz (39) surprised even his wife katharina (36) with the idea of running for mayor: "i can't always just get upset that nothing is changing.", he explains the decision, and: "i don't want to watch how life in the village is becoming more and more anonymous." He has never run for a local political office before, but now he wants to get it right: manuel betz is one of the three mayoral candidates in the municipality of wartmannsroth.

The 39-year-old was nominated by the electoral association volkersleier-heckmuhle, i.E. The list of the previous incumbent jurgen karle. "But that's a coincidence", reports betz. The special feature: manuel betz is not on the group's list of candidates for the town council. "There were many inquiries", he refers to speech with burgers. His answer: "I hope for the opportunity to do what I like to do." And his wife katharina weber-betz is also on the list. Manuel betz is pleased that women are at the top of all the lists and wishes his wife that she can also contribute her views as a social pedagogue.

"I hope for as diverse a municipal council as possible", the mayor comments on the municipal elections. He sees the fact that, in addition to mayor jurgen karle, twelve of the 14 municipal council members are no longer running as an opportunity for a fresh start. And that is also necessary: "the support for the community is getting smaller and smaller", is his criticism, and: "many citizens don't feel understood." His opposing view is: "i want to communicate with people at eye level." That's exactly how he organizes his election events: informal gatherings at bar tables, no lectures, but dialogue. This is also well received. In his view, communication with the burghers is far too often by letter or other means, and as mayor he would prefer to introduce more office hours and an open administration.

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