Blow up against the crisis

Blow up against the crisis

Actually gerhard kernwein was a day too early. The baritone player of the stadtkapelle zeil stood on his balcony at 6 p.M. On saturday, set up his notes and belted out the european anthem. Neighbors came out in front of the doors and hoarding and were happy about the music – and the sign that people stand together in difficult times. When the melody was over, he noticed that the action, after which musicians everywhere pick up their instruments and play, was actually not supposed to start until sunday. No matter. On sunday he blew on it again.

Music, burning candles, like the ones people are currently placing in front of doors or in windows, are important symbols of community and solidarity, just like the sound of church bells or public applause for people who are particularly committed to helping their fellow human beings during the crisis. For example, for doctors and nurses, as well as employees in supermarkets, pharmacies, drugstores, local governments, police officers and politicians, who bear great responsibility. 

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