A deal must be finalized within a few days, reported the financial news agency bloomberg. According to the wall street journal, knight told trading partners that at least friday was secured thanks to a new credit line.

The catastrophe began on wednesday. The new software flooded the market with erroneous trade orders at launch. More than 140 shares were affected, the share prices were out of line, and trading in various securities had to be suspended for a time. Most of the confusion took place from 9.30 to 10.15 new york time off until company technicians could stop software. The mistake was particularly devastating for knight capital itself: the firm was left holding many overpriced shares after the order firestorm, with losses adding up to $440 million.

Investors loved knight: the stock lost 75 percent of its value in two days, and the stock’s value shrank to just over 250 million dollars. On friday the early new york trade went up again by a good quarter auarts after the news of the fresh credit.

Nowitzki brings basketballers no luck at the start of the world cup

Dirk nowitzki gave national coach henrik rodl an encouraging pat on the back, while nba star dennis schroder trudged to the team bus in heavy frustration.

In front of the eyes of NBA legend nowitzki, the german basketball players were unable to win a strong comeback against france at the start of the world championships in china and are under direct pressure. The rodl team lost 74-78 (20:36) in shenzhen against the title co-favorites.

"He also said: "respect that we came back like that after such a start, you have to manage that first", the coach reported from his short chat with nowitzki, who honored the bearded frenchman evan fournier as player of the game as world championship ambassador.

Milestone in the fight against cancer: bavarian center for cancer research starts in erlangen, germany

The six universities in augsburg, erlangen, munich (LMU and TUM), regensburg and wurzburg and the associated university hospitals joined forces yesterday in erlangen to form the bavarian center for cancer research (BZKF). The state of bavaria is setting new standards in the fight against cancer, according to a statement from the ministry of science.

Ceremony with minister president

At a ceremony with minister president markus soder (CSU), science minister bernd sibler (CSH) signed the cooperation agreement together with representatives of the universities.

This new facility will combine the strengths of all partners to achieve even faster and more efficient research results and to further improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment for patients. "With the new center, we are ushering in a new era for the treatment of cancer patients. We are doing real pioneering work in the fight against cancer", stressed sibler.

Foolish journey to bella italia

A great stage program and the masquerade ceremony thrilled the jesters. The motto was "bella italia" and reminded more of the glorious past than of summer vacation, pizza and pope.
The costuming was uniquely good: almost everyone presented the theme in original outfits. Venetian ladies, pizza bakers and roman legionaries delighted the eye. In addition, there was the powerful sound of the "rossinis", who turned the adam-riese-hall into a witch’s cauldron. The atmosphere could not have been better. Already with the first bars of the band the jecken swayed in the dance.
The skkler had decorated the hall in an extraordinary way. Red-green-yellow flags spanned the ceiling, the stage was transformed into a roman temple, next to it the leaning tower of pisa bent ominously. To the sounds of sublime music, president matthias grass rolled onto the dance floor as casar in a chariot pulled by a vespa. He buried his people in latin, which was, however, more like french. Even the pope in the papamobile arrived and welcomed the carnivalists.
The very first item on the program was an eye-catcher. The SKK’s purzelgarde danced under the direction of helga ofzarek with pinocchio.
And then it got crowded in front of the stage. The carnival club once again outdid itself in the masquerade procession. The "bunga bunga" racing stable came along with a papier-mache ferrari. Already now it was clear, he will win the award. "Asterix conquers rome followed in the ranking and the gucci handbag as third place convinced the jury with landrat christian meibner (CSU), who had thrown himself into the dress of a roman soldier.
Christine wittmann had prepared her youth guard well for the show dance of her girls. They received thunderous applause. Pizza baker dino lampa showed tricks on the unicycle, juggled with clubs or oranges and loved rooster and pizza circling around his head and hooves. Afterwards the professionals, who made their first dance steps in 1999 in the "purzelgarde", earned long lasting applause.
But as far as the applause was concerned, the male ballet stole the show. It was already midnight when the gentlemen, some of them graying, appeared in romanesque costume and made love to the clashing of swords.
While it became quieter in the hall, it really got going in the foyer. The party went on until dawn.
Michael hess, second president of the SKK, was proud of the masquerade masks. "We spent four weeks building and tinkering", he told our newspaper. The preparations had started in september.

joy of contact with people

Entering the cafe ezzilo in the BRK "live and work" etzelskirchen, you will meet there a busy young woman. Setting tables, cutting bread, pouring drinks – these are just a few of gabriele meier's tasks. She has trisomy21 and has been working in the service area of the senior citizens' facility for ten years now.

After finishing her schooling at the wilhelm pfeffer school in herzogenaurach, meier started work a good ten years ago as an employee at the benedikt munni workshop of the barmherzige bruder gremsdorf (brother of mercy). But it was clear to the young woman from the outset that she didn't want to work in production, she wanted to get out. Because contact with people gives her the most pleasure.

After an internship in a retirement home, it quickly became clear to her: "that's what I want to do!" How she got her so-called auben job at the BRK home in etzelskirchen. At that time, she was one of the first employees of the benedikt-menni workshop to find a job outside the core facility in an external company.

For the catholic parishes and the city of herzogenaurach, 2019 was an eventful year. In the parish church of st. Maria magdalena city pastor helmut hetzel looked back on the old year, but also looked ahead to a new one.

In the well-attended church, hetzel celebrated the end-of-year service together with chaplain tobias fehn and chaplain father moison michael, supported by ten altar boys from the parishes. For hetzel, god is the one who accompanies us, christ is the present one who promises the future.

Two spiritual directors bid farewell

In his review, the city pastor mentioned that the parish of st. Otto celebrated 25 years of the consecration of the church. In october there was a missio thanksgiving service with a bishop from india.

The after-school care center in volkach, housed in the monastery st. Maria in the rooms of the girls’ secondary school, continues to grow.

Two years ago, the city recognized a need for 115 places, but due to the current rough demand, this number will grow to 125 as of the coming school year. But the city council had to decide on the recognition of the increased need, which was done unanimously after a short debate.

"The after-school care center is a splendid facility," said mayor peter kornell in praise of the center at the meeting on monday evening, "the fact that it exists is a blessing, the staff is very well trained in education and does a really great job."

Hundreds of thousands of people from near and far flock to the "gateway to the franconian forest" every year to celebrate the "freischieben" in kronach. Rides and booths, the two festival halls and, last but not least, the beer garden at the schutzenhaus attracted visitors with attractions, music, food and drink.
But this year, too, numerous residents of the care facility "leben am rosenberg" wanted to leave the celebrations not only to the young people at the helios-frankenwald hospital in kronach. On the first friday of the festival, one day after the beer tapping, they made their way to the schutzenplatz, accompanied by their caregivers, enjoyed one or the other freshly tapped stein in splendid summer weather, and enjoyed the plump folk festival atmosphere. The watchful eye of the security service made sure that everything was always done properly, and ensured that the companions of the merry group also had their fun.
Fortified with bratwurst, fish sandwiches and roasted almonds, the group headed home after an eventful afternoon.
The "leben am rosenberg" care facility has been present at the frankenwaldklinik since 2004, with which it cooperates in several areas, and currently accommodates a total of 33 residents in short- and long-term care. In addition to nursing care, the facility also offers its residents regular activities such as a visit to the kronach free slide.

The government of lower franconia has approved the municipality of sommerach for the purchase of a portable pump PFPN 10-1000 for the fire department of sommerach the – demand-legally significant – early procurement. This procurement approval will replace a portable pump TS 8/8, year of construction 1957, as it is stated in a communication of the government.

Portable fire pumps are mobile fireless centrifugal pumps that are carried in some fire engines as plug-in units in addition to the permanently installed vehicle pumps. With a maximum mass of 200 kilos, it can be carried by four firefighters. Portable fire pumps are used, for example, when a water extraction point cannot be reached directly with the fire engine. They can also be used as a booster pump for water demands over long distances, if the lorry is not to remain at the pumping station.

With the approval of the early procurement, the purchase can be realized as soon as possible, even if the final demand has not yet been decided by a formal decision. The later state demand is made from funds of the fire protection tax and amounts to for a portable fire engine PFPN 10-1000 currently 4700 euros.

Bmw double success at dtm opener - glock retires

Defending champion BMW only began to lurch after its double success at the DTM opener in hockenheim. Like the strong strategy, however, this was also planned: brazilian augusto farfus slid across the asphalt in his green car and cheered over the radio.

And because dirk werner had raced from 20th on the grid to second place on sunday, BMW motorsport boss jens marquardt’s joy knew no bounds: "it’s amazing!! From the very front and the very back to first and second place, that’s the ultimate," he said on ARD. "Five bmws in the top ten – that’s a great result."

The balance sheet of the car manufacturer from munich was somewhat clouded by the absence of newcomer timo glock. The former formula 1 driver lost the right rear wheel after his second pit stop in the german touring car masters. "That’s a rookie mistake and should only happen once," said marquardt.

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